Runescape allignment grid

While reading some of the more thought-out threads on the current battle between zamorak and saradomin, and remembering some conversations i had with players, i suddenly came to a conclusion.
Some of you might still remember the older RPGs from before computers existed: pen-and-paper fantasy games, of which Dungeons and Dragons was (and still is) the most well-known and popular one (i still play it regularly).
These games use a 2-dimensional allignment grid to streamline someones intentions, motivations and personality.
On one hand, there is a distinction between good and evil;
where good characters seek to keep the current situation, have everyone be friends and basically keeping peace and balance, and evil characters being in it for chaos and fights, taking what they want and only caring about themselves
the other line seperates lawful and chaotic;
lawful people will hold their own and the area’s laws to the best of their ability, where a chaotic person will do whatever seems the most fun at the time.
now, between each extreme there is a ‘neutral’ position, creating 2 axis with 3 options on each, allowing a 3×3 ‘allignment grid’

lawful good | neutral good | chaotic good
lawful neutral | true neutral | chaotic neutral
lawful evil | neutral evil | chaotic evil

now, there are 8 factions in the current godwars, and for the sake of convenience i will add guthix in the explinations as well, making 9 ideologies to be devided over 9 allignments.
also note that there are 2 diametrically opposed allignments available: lawful good and chaotic evil, but the gods/factions belonging there might not be who you think.
Before I start to fill the grid with the gods/factions in runescape, I will ask you to remember that “evil” alignment is not as simple as the bad guy in the movies: an evil alignment is more like a selfish antisocial person then a true badguy

I will base my rankings mainly on the information available trough quests, the official wiki and the unofficial w*ki
let’s start the discussion with the 2 most well-known gods, and the ones currently actively fighting: zamorak and saradomin:
it will be of no surprise that I will place zamorak on the ‘chaotic evil’ spot on the grid; he is called the “god of chaos” and considered to be “evil” by most people that do not follow him, and even by some of his followers, I should not need to explain this too far, and because the other gods might need more, I am not going to.

Next up is saradomin, a lot of players with less knowledge of lore might expect him to be lawful good, opposed to zamorak, but he is not.
granted, he wishes order and peace, so he is on the ‘good’ end on the grid, but his goals and methods move him away from the most logical place.
as shown in “the world wakes”, saradomin is megalomanic, slightly self-centred and loves attention and worship, and he will ‘deal with’ those who get in his way. This is a telltale sign of an evil character. Combining his wishes and methods forces me to call him ‘lawful evil’

After these obvious two, it gets a bit harder, but I will the order from the ‘god emmisiaries’ article on the unofficial w*ki
Armadyl, it should be no surprise that the ‘god of law’ will have a lawful alignment, granting a fair trail should this be required. Aside from this, he is genuinely concerned with the damage his actions will do, and only reluctantly joined in the first godwars because he did not want to cause pain and suffering among his followers, a characteristic from a good person, so I will rank armadyl to be ‘lawful good’

Next up is bandos, the god of war.
bandos lives for war and suffering, not really caring for what happens when he has had his fun, causing conflicts and wars for his own amusement, an evil trait. However, he has no greater goal in mind and simply wants war for the sake of war. This is neither a characteristic for lawful, nor for chaotic, giving us our first neutral ranking. This will combine into ‘neutral evil’
Seren is harder to rank since very little is known about “her”. We know that she cares deeply for her followers, making her good, with only a little doubt, if any at all.
when it came to the godwars, rather then rejoicing or being reluctant, she chose to not choose and stayed to the sidelines. This incation at a crucial moment makes her neutral on the motives schale, in other words: she is most likely ‘neutral good’
Aah, now for sliske, perhaps a god, perhaps not, but a person of power and with a following to boot, he is worthy of mention.
Again trough ‘the world wakes’, we have learned some crucial bits of his ideas and motives, from himself and from his close allies.Buy Runescape Gold.
we know that sliske is a loyal person, but he has his own way of doing things, you never know how he will tackle a problem, usually going for the most fun option rather then the safest or most practical, a clear indicator of a chaotic motive.
as for his ideas, he is not out for either peace or war, he is loyal to a final goal but can never be trusted to follow a specific gameplan. For alternating between evil and good (remember alignment, not general ideas) I shall call him neutral, for lack of a better place.
final verdict: ‘chaotic neutral’