Really jagex

I hate this new update.. Personally.. After 10 years of playing.. the interface sucks.. your totally turning away from the whole idea of pvp. now you gotta pick a god? the new graphics suck too.. now al-kharid instead of being a desert is like a friggin half mountain half plateu.. what happened there? and wtf why did you teleport me? I was chilling in the duel arena.. where I wanted to be left.. I honestly might quit the game.. after 10 years a good amount of them on and off with membership.. im sorry to say this.. but your HORRIBLE UPDATE might just turn me away.. took 20 minutes for me to actually load rs and I got on and saw the interface and was like wtf. I tried using the oldschool interface but u changed that around and now that sucks too. Runescape 3 gold sucks big time..