Runescape interface disaster

Ok, so I am discussing a rather important topic here. On the 22nd Jagex will force us to use the NIS. The problem? It is extremely irritating to use for many people and hurts gameplay. Even though it might seem fine at first glance, the real usability problems will start emerging when everybody has to play the live game with the new interface for long periods of time. You might argue that we can customize it however we want to but that is very far from true. Let me show you what I mean.

Current interface:

I have a chatbox in the bottom left corner, my gameplay interfaces in the bottom right corner and my minimap in the top right corner. Everything is sleek. Everything is easily minimizable. Everything makes sense and everything is organized. You have 16 small stones in your right corner and you can access everything that you need without a lot of fuss while still having a clean and clutter-free gaming window. You can still have a big Runescape Gold gaming screen even if you have a small monitor.


A lot of issues arise. You could say that the default interface is identical to the current one but that is very untrue. You have some random toolbar that is not helpful at all. The actual gameplay toolbar that we have now can’t be replicated. Sure, you can drag interfaces beside the inventory and skill menus but there is a big problem: you can only drag around 4-5 interfaces out of the 16 over there until you start getting some stupid arrows that you have to click if you want to access those interfaces. This is as far from user-friendly as you can get. Instead of dividing the tooltips into two rows and putting one on top of the inventory area and one in the bottom, you have to click some arrows on top of the inventory. That is as ridiculous as an inventory that has a scroll bar.

Only solution:

Dragging out the interfaces from the toolbar onto your screen to remove the ridiculous arrows. This clutters your screen. Want to remove clutter from your screen? Drag them back into the toolbar and put up with some stupid arrows that you have to click many times in a row to reach the interface you need.

The fact is that the NIS is an interface system that is extremely chaotic, nothing makes sense and reaching even the simplest interfaces is a pain in the arse unless you decide to drag them on your screen so they take up half of your viewing area. The NIS is especially hostile towards smaller laptop monitors. It is also virtually impossible to make a visually appealing and practical interface.

Why do we have to put up with this? Why don’t we have an option to keep the current interface if we want to?

Tl;dr: The NIS is not user friendly, it spams your screen, and it is a pain to reach the interfaces that you need. It is also unresponsive, some stupid windows take a few seconds to open and so on…

Just bind windows to your keyboard. I’ve done that so I have my most used windows on easy to reach keys, with other ones bound to other keys. It’s really good because you can bring up windows and get rid of them as necessary. Only the mini-map and chat boxes can’t be removed from screen.

I made a practical interface in about 10 – 15 minutes of playing around, and it looks pleasing to the eye. Whether it looks pleasing or not is purely subjective, but I think it looks great. My screen isn’t cluttered because I use key binds, and so far I don’t have any problem with the interface.