Biggest runescape issues

The two largest issues with HTML5 right now are the grainy textures and low GPU usage.

The terrible textures are just awful. It’s terrible. They ruin the entire feel of the game and degrade the quality overall to a point where it makes all of HTML5 feel like a downgrade. Currently, there’s no ability to force any options from our graphics cards. An*sotropic filtering doesn’t work. Even adding the ability to force option would be a great step forward for HTML5. I know that there are tons of limitations by WebGL itself and it should get better over time, but this should be one of the number one priorities.

The second issue is low GPU usage. Currently in most areas of the game I have very low GPU usage, hardly ever going over 50%. This of course results in very low FPS. However, there are the areas that spike my GPU usage to 80%+; when this happens my FPS always double. I don’t know how easy or hard it is to make the game utilize the GPU to its fullest extent, but this is the number one issue as far as performance goes right now.

There are of course other issues, such as crashing and various bugs. Currently no teleports can be used because they result in a screen freeze lol. In HTML5 + NIS using any parts of the interfaces (including abilities on the action bar), moving around interfaces, etc results in terrible FPS drops. Obviously this needs to be addressed. All of these little issues need to be fixed.

However, overall HTML5 is shaping up to be a very good release. The draw distance looks amazing. These issues need to be fixed, and caution must be taken to not release HTML5 too early – the decision to keep it in beta thus far was a great decision. Releasing it now would be disastrous.

Keep up the good work, and hopefully the end product will be magnificent.

I just don’t get why there’s such a huge difference between the textures of the bestiary and those of the beta, when both of them use html5