Feedback some rant for jagex

I cant seem to log onto html5 even when i have a nice sony computer that is bearly 1 year old with beter stats than you require. due to this i conclude that once rs3 comes the number of players online will significantly drop even if there is a java version. Many people play rs and started liking rs because of the low graphic requirments and economy issues now adays.

Now when i can run other games much more hd and everything rather than this theres no point of playing. of course i already like playing this Runescape 2007 Gold game so what you guys are doing is un needed. OH and by the way i cant wait to see what you are going to do after you have maxed out your options for graphics, could you posibly start adding in game content for once. Could you actualy add content for lower levels ( im maxed) doesnt mean i dont care for lower levels. if you think of releasing all future bosses as hard as vorago forget that anyone is going to do them compared to how many people have been at gwd.

we get it you dont like people soloing your bosses that doesnt mean start making them crazy overopwered. if anything i think new bosses should be a bit stonger than nex or kalphite king but vorago is just too much. WEll this is a rant because im sick of all of this graphic and dead content updates and N E R F S. you guys release content wait for people to get membership then all of a sudden you nerf the content wich makes people quit more than if you have never released it. Anyways i can go on forever with other topics such as server instability and such but im not going to sit here and type all day so if any jagex mod sees this please think about some of the things. if not ( which most likely would happen) then please continue to ruin your game. 2013 year of the nerfs not of the player

There is space between my words i think your english teacher has failed you what you ment is organize to paragraphs noob