Bigging it up

RuneScape wasn’t built in a day, but when they’re trying to create a game, and then saying that it’ll run on all sorts of platforms, then running back on there word saying you’ll need a new computer months later. When these people with the same computers are able to run full max games on Max FPS. Not to mention that after months of saying they have been optimizing there is still no change.

Either way, lock this up. I’m just getting flamed.

It’s simple really, why make up all of these BTS videos giving false facts about the HTML5 beta that are just not true? What part of you thought that you could suggest running this on a laptop with integrated graphics, and now you’re saying you’re going to need a relatively new computer to run HTML5?

I believe they’re finally realizing how much time and resource they have wasted on it and only just figuring out that all of the time that they spent will only really be used by the select few of players that have spent grands worth of money on their computers. It’s going to take them a hell of a long time to even make a small return of HTML5 because when it’s released a very, very small amount of users are going to use it…

Jagex, I really really REALLY wanna know what’s going through your minds.

I know me and many others will not be using this and all of the time you could of spent creating content. This HTML5 update only caters to the smallest amount of players with very good computers. It’s not the fact of buying a new computer, it’s the fact that your player base doesn’t have NEW computers.

Ugh. I don’t know really. I just don’t think how much time and resource they’ve wasted, or if they even realized from the start that this was going to work out. I’m pretty sure that recent news post is a nice way of saying “Alright player base, you’re right.

DivinePeter. Let me say this.
From the experiences that you’ve seen on the forums already, and the trouble that people are playing, do you honestly believe that many people are going to be able to use it? I don’t care about how hard it is for them to code it. They shouldn’t big it up with blatant lies.

RuneScape 2007 Gold is a game built for computers without good specs. Now this? They could of easily avoided it by saying

“We’re going to dedicate a large amount of development time to create a version of the game ONLY for good computers, despite the fact we know many of our users don’t have grand computers, then say everyone will be able to use it”