Varrock runescape new stall: what next

This thread is about the little paper stall by the Varrock fountain and what could it possibly be used for next

When the first graphical update to varrock occured this little paper stand was also added to the game and has been there since that update now its how long ago now since the update happened? The varrock news charges 50gp for a newspaper that explains all about varrocks new look but now is it not old news?

Can something be done about this? it would be such a shame if this stall was only a gimmick to the graphic update in varrock which is now runescape world wide.

It could be used as a news stand still but giving us newer information like mayjor events coming up in varrock (if any) or even around runescape if not make each main town/city have a news stand having the same sort of information that way it wont feel as like the stand at the moment was only a 1 hit wonder

Since runescape has now had a full graphical update and with Runescape 3 Gold on its way this month would it not be an idea to find a new purpose for the little news stand? It would be great to see it become a daily interactive stall were you buy a paper 50gp and read all about events who is at the top of mini game scores etc im sure some of the community agree here the little sand should eaither have another purpose or to be completly removed due to it being… Redundant due to the update being so old now the entire gaming world has caught up on it and the recent addition to the update list is the little farm near Drayonor, Port Sarim and Falador for the new quest “Bringing Home The Bacon”

Please leave any idea’s and suggestions on this thread and please bump it! hopefully someone will see this that work for Jagex and actually thing about new idea’s how to make that little addition more modern and functional for the gaming community