Future runescape game updates

The RS3 interface was designed to run in Java. I haven’t seen it in HTML5 yet. I expect HTML5 will keep beta’ering, or whatever they want to call it, as I I’ve yet to see the 2 working together.

RS3 Java edition on the other hand will rumble on just fine without HTML5.
Just go to the NIS beta and that is basically it lol. That runs using Java.

They put a lot of their time and effort into RS 3 Gold, but I think the later part of this year will bring in a ton of content including 2 new skills.

I don’t play on a gaming computer, but I can run high settings on Java, and the client. HTML5 I can get by with medium settings, but we’ll see how it is when it is launched. It might get better.

I believe the Java version will still be accessible after the launch of RS3.

Maybe you will come back when the new content arrives.

No new skills of any note or interest due, Just a shockingly high computer level to play, this game was good while it was accessible to all, now it will be accessible to anyone with a system that can cope, go gamers, bye bye runescape regulars.