Toggling familiar runescape options

I like that this option was added into the game, but I think it can be improved in a couple of ways.

First of all, when you left click it should click through your familiars options, but if you right click it should bring up the options such as “store”. Familiars mainly got in the way when trying to make a quick getaway or clicking one space away to avoid such things as a shadow at Nex – which is when you are more likely to use left click than right click. Now I can’t access my yak quickly during a couple second break in combat because there is no option for it. I have to wait the full 10 seconds to disengage combat and change the familiar option.

Secondly, you should be able to toggle the familiar options button on the settings tab even during combat.

I realize that first paragraph may be hard to understand, but hopefully you get what I mean.

On a side note, how is fixing the servers going? A lot of us still missing items! Any kind of response would be nice. A response directed at the return of items and not just saying we are having disconnection issues. I guess it’s nice you admit you’re having issues on your end, but would like to know status of item returns. Can we get a post on the homepage instead of hidden somewhere in a non-related forum thread? Thanks.

I’ll make it simple for those not willing to read.

Familiar Options Bad.
Want one click left click – click through.
Want two click right click – non-click through.
Want to toggle familiar options in settings tab during combat.