I really took this seriously, for a runescape game choice

For everyone who has done or is going to do the god emissaries tasks, which faction did you, or are you going to, chose? I’m interested in what your choice is and why you chose it. Please remember that there are no right or wrong choices or reasons for making those choices. If it was simply the first emissary you saw feel free to put that as your reason.

I really took this seriously, for a game choice. I thought about it for a bit, and then decided to pick the Godless. Part of the reason I did that was because I really did agree with the balanced view of Guthix, balance isn’t always the right choice but I do think that if you take a balanced view of life you won’t be too far off. In the Guthix final quest he states that his ideal for the world of Gielinor is for the residents of the world to live their lives without being affected by the whims and battles of the Gods and I quite liked that idea, after all the Gods have nearly destroyed Gielinor more than once. So in an excess of serious thought, for a runescape gold game, I decided to follow Guthix’s last wish and go Godless.

Truly if there is no final outcome that greatly affects your gameplay we can basically choose whatever we want for whatever reason we want.
So what did you choose, and why?

It was tough to choose, and I had it narrows between the Godless and Zaros. In the end, I chose Zaros. He has given me curses, which are the only prayers I use ever since unlocking them, and he has also given me ancient magick, the most powerful combat spells available.

It will be interesting to see how this update further plays into the game, either with any future quests or even completely new game content, and also how our own decisions of which sides to choose can have an impact on gameplay.

I didn’t ever get to read her full story, because the first task she gave me was making her 2 bronze pickaxes from scratch.  So, I bought them from the G.E, she yelled at me, and I gave up after that.