GF runescape jagex killed

Now, I used to be an avid RS 2007 Gold player like many of people. But, i just can not get into the game knowing that Jagex is FORCING ( and yes, FORCING) all of these obscene updates. It blows my mind how much content they have killed, and I am not talking about some weird content, but actual STAPLES of the Runescape experience that are just dead.

Examples : Void, Fighter Torso, barrows armor, almost EVERY SINGLE MINI GAME, nd last but not least, Jagex has KILLED the runescape economy. I understand the need to add SOME new content every now and then, But, its just obscene how Runescape doesnt feel like runescape anymore. Out of the few people that are ACTUALY players and not the hordes of bots that Jagex refuses to ban because if they do, it will put them out of buisness, all of the actualy players are INSANELY high levels, or very low levels who most likely wont play for more than a week. So jagex, this is my way of telling you, thanks a bunch, for RUINING this game, and NOT ONCE listening to what WE PLAYERS wanted.

Before anyone tell me to play 07 scape, that is just a older version of whats going on right now. ITs mainly bots, and its dying off insanely fast. Out of the 17k people online at a time, almost 13k are bots. Jagex, because of your lack of pride and never wanting to ban bots and make this game playable and make updates that were, idk, USEFUL. like really, who at this point can take advantage of there stupid level 90  armors. Its just a stupid attempt to keep any high level player around so they wont leave. Runescape USED to be amazing, now its soo different and horrible, its a shame its called Runescape. I do NOT see how this game will survive another year or so. So, in the end, It wasnt people getting bored that ruined this game, its the people who never wanted to listen * cough cough* Jagex, who ruined this game.