Mod mark please clarify

I had a thread similar to this, to clarify World Events & 6th Age having multiple or a single outcome, and the JMod was kind enough to really reply.

So I’ll give it a shot.

The hints about Zaros returning are old. Very old.

Digsite quest completed its 10th year birthday yesterday. ”Zaros will be reborn” hint by the Chaos Elemental has only-runescape gold-knows-how-many years.

All of the quests we’ve had have been building up into that moment until some time ago.

Out of the blue, in a Q&A, when asked if Zaros would return their answer was something along the lines of:

”We don’t know at this moment, there’s a chance he may not.”

After all of the hyping, it was rather disappointing that there was the slightest chance Zaros didn’t return.

But then, more recent Q&A’s seem inclined in favour of him returning. The subject of ”controversy” then became his alignment, which changed a bit over some Q&A’s, until we’ve finally had what was supposed to be Zaros’ official alignment, which happened to only become complete with the God Emissaries update.

But even that update, from what I managed to find out, had some last minute changes. Which could have possibly been lore-related. Which could have possibly been Zaros-related.

Finally, with all of the talk of the 6th Age and whatnot, it seemed certain Zaros would return. Some sources hinted at epic quests for Zaros’ return and even a storyline for Armadyl’s return, for the matter.Okay that’s not even what worries me the most. What worries me the most, the reason I created this thread for, what I want to be clarified on, is how will that depend on us?

1) Will that be a quest? If so, how would it work? Some would chose to not have Zaros back, some would chose to have him back? But that would mean several endings, not ONE, as some JMods have already confirmed.

2) Will that be a World Event? If so, then again, how would it work?

3) MOST WORRISOME – would that be a poll? If so, what % would Zaros need to be brought back? Assuming, it’d be a

Would you want Zaros to return?

type of poll, it would be logical that it needed over 50% of ”Yes” votes to return. But that would be so, so, so HORRIBLE.

I’m not even speaking of Sliske, Seren or Armadyl here – the Godless, Saradominists and Zamorakians, the main enemies of Zaros, together, easily have over 50% of the playerbase. So, Zaros would easily get told ”No” by over 50% of the playerbase.
Thus, he’d easily not come back.

By that logic, all other Gods should undergo the same poll, or else it wouldn’t be reasonable, understandable or fair, at all.

But, if you think about it, very few Gods would return that way.

The Godless are estimated to have about 25%-35% of the playerbase, so any God would get straight away 25%-35% of ”No”s.

Then it wouldn’t be too hard to get another 26%-36% of ”No”s from the 6 other factions, enemies or not. Not hard AT ALL.This means The Godless faction would easily be the only one standing, even though it never got polled. Because it has no God that needs to come back.Also, why would Saradomin get poll’d if he is already back? He wouldn’t. Thus, unfair. Why wasn’t that decision up to the players too?