Vorago for dardan only

I enjoy Vorago, I thought it was a challenging enough boss to keep prices above 100m. I tried it for a few days and I used over 1k Rocktails before eveing a kill lol. If you want enjoy the high level content get high levels otherwise go solo bandos for a few hours.

Lets face it. The game is getting made for hard core game settings only. How many successful runescape gold games do not have settings for easy/medium/hard mode and even nightmare mode. Not many games I guess. I assume most players would choose medium settings in most games they play. This may seem like a stupid question but why has jagex continuously buffed bosses or designed bosses not for vast majority of players in terms of difficulty and nerfed weapons such as magic wands/high and low level weapons for the same effect. You may recall quite a few of these changes that treats the average player like they enjoy very difficult setting. Buffing Nex and nerfing weapons for what so fewer cannot enjoy the game in the settings they enjoy. So how about designing the game for medium settings where the vast amount of players enjoy. Why? because I don’t like games that are nightmare difficulty and not very fun to play.

buff because boss was too easy and camped for hours.nerf weapon cuase they be OP.Then enjoy the other 99% of the game that anyone with at least 1 hand and 100k in gear can dominate instead of saying make the entire game so easy that the only way to ever have a challenge is to go in Bronze.