Runescape stones of binding

For those of you unaware, Jagex released yesterday a new item called the “Stone of Binding” which can be bought from the Magic Guild for 500,000 coins. Particularly of note is it’s examine text: “A magical stone that can reform itself if combined with mystical energy.”you need to buy runescape gold.

While this was introduced exclusively as a way to create Tectonic Armour when combined with Vorago’s primary drop, tectonic energy, the stones themselves show a great deal of potential for uses in roleplay, and likely will never get any degree of lore associated with them. Also of note is it’s inability to be alchemised, and striking resemblence to elven crystal, in terms of use.

So, I pose this question to you: What should we make of them? Should we take it that they’re some rare artefact discovered by the guild, or simply a stone/gem enchanted by the Mages in such a way to react highly to other energies? Either way, I’d like to hear your thoughts on them. Keep in mind, the price may be a gameplay mechanic, but it does apply, in a sense. They’re more valuable than any purchasable Dragon weapons.

Vorago is irrelevant to the discussion, really. The stones have plenty of potential uses even without him. Imbue the stones with portal and they change form.To the best of my knowledge, you use the energy given off by Vorago(tectonic energy, which is a drop) to shape the stones of binding into the forms of the armor.

It seems that way. There was a book a from Rune Mysteries than implied that runes and music can be used interchangeably, if the music was magical.