120 dung reward combat ability

I personally love dungeoneering, being someone who held the first place position for the first couple weeks, it’s very nostalgic to me to use gate stones to maximize efficiency.
Being a reasonable person I know gate stones that work the same way as within daemonheim would be super overpowered. However I got to thinking, why not a gate stone with limited distance as a dungeoneering reward? And so here’s my idea:

Introduce a gate stone ability that has very high requirements that works similar to gate stones in daemonheim except
– that it is automatically created on the ground when the COMBAT ABILITY (No runes) is used
– visible to others (as a yellow(npc))
– cannot be teleported to if more than 20-25 squares away (large, but reasonable distance(surge is 10 squares))
-split into two abilities:
placing a new stone; 10 second cool down
actual teleport; shares a cool down with surge and other movement abilities (20 seconds)
-If not used gate stones will disappear after 60-120 seconds.
-While in the wilderness gate stones have a maximum range of 10-15.

Please comment any feedback, if you think it’s good or bad.

Potential bug abuse to watch out for (for Jagex)

Teleporting back into a reward room, such as The queen black dragon or pyramid plunder mini game: This would only be possible if they were placed nearby each other on the real map of runescape but it is a definite possibility and to avoid major exploitations, high value locations should be looked into.

Teleporting on to spaces that are intended to be blocked: I believe this would be a more minor side effect as you would have to have gotten to the square before, but none the less there are probably circumstances that it might be reasonable to forbid the use of gatestones to prevent this kind of abuse.