Runescape Eoc appreciation

Hi there,

I frequent the forums more than I care to admit, and I am fed up with all of the negativity. From the looks of it, it appears that the negativity surrounding EoC is from a tiny portion of the community – the select few who use the forums. Among this group, there are a plethora of threads which consist of nothing but blanket statements. These threads create the illusion that the majority of players dislike the EoC – but it’s likely that they don’t!

In an attempt to invert the illusions created by these blanket statements, we need to combat the negativity with some positivity. Every update comes with its flaws, but let’s put all of the ever-present pessimistic views of EoC behind us, and focus our energy on something different: the great aspects of EoC!

I’ll begin…

My favourite thing that has come from the EoC is tanking. Tanking is more interactive, and requires skill. No longer does it require the best armour and an inventory of Saradomin brews. With the correct execution of your abilities, you can prolong trips, keep your friends safe, make some decent money, and most importantly, have fun.

This is just one of the many reasons why I appreciate the EoC!

Remember, you don’t need to love every aspect of the EoC to appreciate bits and pieces of it. Now, I kindly ask you to share some of the things that you appreciate about the EoC!What do you appreciate about the EoC?