Runescape problem on the battlefield

After this weeks update to The Battle For Lumbridge I found an annoying occurrence with drops. I have a low combat level so I like to use the Zamorakian Sentries to my advantage for farming Sacred Metal Fragments, but now that this teleporting in and out of phases has been set up, I’m losing Fragments if the Saradominists die in the wrong spot. When I’m below the Zamorak NPC “spawn circle” (I’ll call it that for now) I’m fine and I see my drop. As soon as I enter the circle to go pick up the Fragments, I’m teleported to another phase where those Fragments don’t exist. If you notice as well with my screenshots, I’m getting no Divine Tears right now because I capped my 3k. Fragments are the ONLY reason I’m killing these. And I’ve missed a couple drops already thanks to this within 10 minutes.

Note the different player in each SS, the # of Fragments which does not change, the time on my taskbar, and the different times of day in game for each one. Different phases for each one.
Screenshots here:
(have to fix the links later. pologies for that. Uploaded quickly before work)

Chorm tab crashes during runescape game

After playing in the HTML5 Beta for a little bit (roughly fifteen minutes or more), I get a “He’s Dead, Jim!” screen from Google Chrome in just the Runescape Gold game’s tab. I know this signifies a crash, but what I feel it has to do with is maybe some RAM allocation issues or an overflow of graphics. Nothing stalled at all when the crash screen showed up – it was like a blue screen type of instant while playing.

I was mining a rock in the beginning of the new Lumbridge story quest, when this happened. I am quite above the recommended specifications for the game, and I was running with all settings on maximum. No extensions are running on Google Chrome. I have an Intel 3770K (3.5GHz, 4 physical cores, 8 logical threads) processor along with 16GiB DDR3 1600MHz RAM and a stock (not overclocked) AMD Radeon HD 5870 graphics card. I have a lot (768+GiB) of free space on my 1.5TiB HDD, and all drivers are up-to-date. Any help/advice with this problem would be greatly appreciated, and I’d be more than happy to give out more information if you need it.

Bug:grand exchang


There is apparently a bug with the HTML5 version of RuneScape 3 Gold when using the Grand Exchange.

What happens: When entering the game in the HTML5 engine and using the Grand Exchange, the search function for finding various items excludes a large amount of items that normally can be found in the standard JAVA version of RS3.

For example, if I search for third-age, spirit shields, torva, off-hand mithril weapons and above, etc. these items cannot be found on the HTML5 Grand Exchange.

Upon loading the game in the standard JAVA version, I could find all items as should be.

Where it happens: Grand Exchange, specifically finding items using the “Buy” function.I noticed that awhile back, before the RS3 release, when I searched for a dragon hatchet. It was non-existant in HTML5. I reported using the in-game bug report feature. I guess it’s not yet fixed.

Why is it the new Warpriest armour has no prayer bonus

I definitely support giving Warpriest armour a prayer bonus: I was heavily disappointed when (the pieces we can get now, at least) didn’t have a prayer bonus at all. Especially when you consider just where they came from.

Though I suppose giving it a prayer bonus would make this new armour utterly and completely eclipse all usefulness Akrisae’s robes might once have had (aside from the set bonus, which isn’t too good given how utterly weak the mace is). To compensate they could raise Akrisae’s Robes to level 77 or 80 equipment, given that Akrisae’s robes are already the lowest-level of all of the Ritual of the Mahjarrat rewards (excepting Bane Ammo, which could also use a boost).

I would have expected brand new armour that has been “blessed by the gods themselves” would have a significant prayer bonus.

Seeing as how All the GWD armour has it and white/temple knight armour, monk robes etc.
I mean this is after all war-PRIEST armour.
And even the “blessed spirit shield” has a similar description and has a prayer bonus.

Prayer bonus please!Even GWD gloves and boots have prayer bonuses.
And even the BoL gloves and boots have a description that reads that they are “blessed”.

After all, we can craft Holy/Unholy symbols that have no prayer bonus.
But when we, mere mortals, “bless” them, p0ff they get a prayer bonus.

Ambient sounds causes runescape problem

I believe there is something wrong with Ambient sounds. I assume people are experiencing problems such as fps drops and choppy music and sound effects.

I believe ambient sounds causes these Runescape Gold problems.
The problems:
– Fps drops when ambient sounds is on
– choppy sound effects and music
– slow performance and lag

If you have these problems ever since the RS3 update, then this may solve your problem.

1. Go to audio settings
2. Turn off your ambient sounds (Make sure the minus button is grey)
3. Now listen and watch the differences.

Some may notice the giant difference it causes.

I don’t know what is wrong with the Ambient sounds but please fix it. I like to hear the ambient sounds.

This would be true, but in the audio options, those are only VOLUME sliders. Turning the volume off, or muting it, does NOT stop the (so-called) sound/music server from SENDING the information.

IMO, what Jagex needs to do, is a toggle box beside each volume slider to DISABLE that particular audio stream in being SENT from the server at all! Then it will fix this issue.

Areas like the BOL with all the grunting and stuff going on just absolutely BUTCHER my FPS rate, even on low populated worlds, due to all the NPCs!!

Runescape has gone downhill

I’ve been playing rs for 14 years now on and off. I have never been so disappointed. Some of the graphics are terrible, the new interface is stupid and never needed to be changed in teh first place. I’ve gone through alot of other posts and have seen alot of people complaining as well but nothing is really being done about it. Do mods even look at any of our posts? I can’t even log into the html5 version. it wont load and then takes me back to the log in screen. And now on java its so slow ive almost died a couple of times due to lag. I understand they were doing a major overhaul and everything but i dont think they considered the people who dont have butt loads of money to upgrade their computers to compensate for the graphics upgrade. I love this damn game and am finally getting farther than i ever thought i would but this new RS Gold is almost preventing me from continuing because half of the time it wont load and the other half is i have to wait for the game to stop lagging so i can do a simple task like walk 3 spaces away. Something needs to change please MODS.

14 years, eh? Considering the game is only really 12 years old, I find that unlikely.

Multiple opinion polls across the net show that most people like the NIS. It’s fully-customisable, you can do pretty much ANYTHING you want with it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just switch to the Retro preset, customise it a bit, and you’re set with an interface very similar to the old one.

I know for a fact that Jagex is paying attention to our opinions, but not every opinion can be acted on. The NIS, like RuneScape 3 as a whole, is being very well-received, despite the generally whiny nature of today’s community. They’re not going to leave the game unchanged just because a few players don’t like something, especially when a majority actually likes it.

I know what you mean about the lag on the Java version, even, but that is just a temporary thing. Some sort of bug is causing it, probably related to the Battle of Lumbridge. There’s something in there that’s probably causing the lag, since it’s such a big update, something that has never been done on that kind of scale before. And even then, fixing lag isn’t exactly a simple matter. They have to analyze bug reports, then test multitudes of possibilities. If they find what they think is causing the issue, they go and test it extensively. If they can’t find it at first, they keep looking until they DO find it. Then, from there, they have to work with the dev teams to figure out ways to better optimise the game, which again, is often a long process. So the lag issues, on both the Java and HTML5 clients, are just a matter of patience.

Really, you’re not going to have to upgrade your computer. That is, unless you want to experience the epic new graphics. Otherwise, if you continue with the Java client, you shouldn’t have an issue once they fix the lag.

Runescape allignment grid

While reading some of the more thought-out threads on the current battle between zamorak and saradomin, and remembering some conversations i had with players, i suddenly came to a conclusion.
Some of you might still remember the older RPGs from before computers existed: pen-and-paper fantasy games, of which Dungeons and Dragons was (and still is) the most well-known and popular one (i still play it regularly).
These games use a 2-dimensional allignment grid to streamline someones intentions, motivations and personality.
On one hand, there is a distinction between good and evil;
where good characters seek to keep the current situation, have everyone be friends and basically keeping peace and balance, and evil characters being in it for chaos and fights, taking what they want and only caring about themselves
the other line seperates lawful and chaotic;
lawful people will hold their own and the area’s laws to the best of their ability, where a chaotic person will do whatever seems the most fun at the time.
now, between each extreme there is a ‘neutral’ position, creating 2 axis with 3 options on each, allowing a 3×3 ‘allignment grid’

lawful good | neutral good | chaotic good
lawful neutral | true neutral | chaotic neutral
lawful evil | neutral evil | chaotic evil

now, there are 8 factions in the current godwars, and for the sake of convenience i will add guthix in the explinations as well, making 9 ideologies to be devided over 9 allignments.
also note that there are 2 diametrically opposed allignments available: lawful good and chaotic evil, but the gods/factions belonging there might not be who you think.
Before I start to fill the grid with the gods/factions in runescape, I will ask you to remember that “evil” alignment is not as simple as the bad guy in the movies: an evil alignment is more like a selfish antisocial person then a true badguy

I will base my rankings mainly on the information available trough quests, the official wiki and the unofficial w*ki
let’s start the discussion with the 2 most well-known gods, and the ones currently actively fighting: zamorak and saradomin:
it will be of no surprise that I will place zamorak on the ‘chaotic evil’ spot on the grid; he is called the “god of chaos” and considered to be “evil” by most people that do not follow him, and even by some of his followers, I should not need to explain this too far, and because the other gods might need more, I am not going to.

Next up is saradomin, a lot of players with less knowledge of lore might expect him to be lawful good, opposed to zamorak, but he is not.
granted, he wishes order and peace, so he is on the ‘good’ end on the grid, but his goals and methods move him away from the most logical place.
as shown in “the world wakes”, saradomin is megalomanic, slightly self-centred and loves attention and worship, and he will ‘deal with’ those who get in his way. This is a telltale sign of an evil character. Combining his wishes and methods forces me to call him ‘lawful evil’

After these obvious two, it gets a bit harder, but I will the order from the ‘god emmisiaries’ article on the unofficial w*ki
Armadyl, it should be no surprise that the ‘god of law’ will have a lawful alignment, granting a fair trail should this be required. Aside from this, he is genuinely concerned with the damage his actions will do, and only reluctantly joined in the first godwars because he did not want to cause pain and suffering among his followers, a characteristic from a good person, so I will rank armadyl to be ‘lawful good’

Next up is bandos, the god of war.
bandos lives for war and suffering, not really caring for what happens when he has had his fun, causing conflicts and wars for his own amusement, an evil trait. However, he has no greater goal in mind and simply wants war for the sake of war. This is neither a characteristic for lawful, nor for chaotic, giving us our first neutral ranking. This will combine into ‘neutral evil’
Seren is harder to rank since very little is known about “her”. We know that she cares deeply for her followers, making her good, with only a little doubt, if any at all.
when it came to the godwars, rather then rejoicing or being reluctant, she chose to not choose and stayed to the sidelines. This incation at a crucial moment makes her neutral on the motives schale, in other words: she is most likely ‘neutral good’
Aah, now for sliske, perhaps a god, perhaps not, but a person of power and with a following to boot, he is worthy of mention.
Again trough ‘the world wakes’, we have learned some crucial bits of his ideas and motives, from himself and from his close allies.Buy Runescape Gold.
we know that sliske is a loyal person, but he has his own way of doing things, you never know how he will tackle a problem, usually going for the most fun option rather then the safest or most practical, a clear indicator of a chaotic motive.
as for his ideas, he is not out for either peace or war, he is loyal to a final goal but can never be trusted to follow a specific gameplan. For alternating between evil and good (remember alignment, not general ideas) I shall call him neutral, for lack of a better place.
final verdict: ‘chaotic neutral’

Really jagex

I hate this new update.. Personally.. After 10 years of playing.. the interface sucks.. your totally turning away from the whole idea of pvp. now you gotta pick a god? the new graphics suck too.. now al-kharid instead of being a desert is like a friggin half mountain half plateu.. what happened there? and wtf why did you teleport me? I was chilling in the duel arena.. where I wanted to be left.. I honestly might quit the game.. after 10 years a good amount of them on and off with membership.. im sorry to say this.. but your HORRIBLE UPDATE might just turn me away.. took 20 minutes for me to actually load rs and I got on and saw the interface and was like wtf. I tried using the oldschool interface but u changed that around and now that sucks too. Runescape 3 gold sucks big time..

Runescape 3 is not ready

As of this posting, there are exactly 15 hours until launch. Right now, my camera controls are frozen and the rendering takes a very long time. Granted my machine isn’t new or as powerful as it used to be, but so many others have even worse machines.

I am happy to have been a beta tester. I hope I make it into future betas if any. Trying to give any feedback and I know rs 3 Gold has certainly improved since I first logged in it.

I just want you to know that you need to seriously work on stability and loading/rendering times. Talking to others, these problems are common**** 3 is a huge project, but please don’t think its finished if you want it to replace Java in the way you want it to.

Runescape interface disaster

Ok, so I am discussing a rather important topic here. On the 22nd Jagex will force us to use the NIS. The problem? It is extremely irritating to use for many people and hurts gameplay. Even though it might seem fine at first glance, the real usability problems will start emerging when everybody has to play the live game with the new interface for long periods of time. You might argue that we can customize it however we want to but that is very far from true. Let me show you what I mean.

Current interface:

I have a chatbox in the bottom left corner, my gameplay interfaces in the bottom right corner and my minimap in the top right corner. Everything is sleek. Everything is easily minimizable. Everything makes sense and everything is organized. You have 16 small stones in your right corner and you can access everything that you need without a lot of fuss while still having a clean and clutter-free gaming window. You can still have a big Runescape Gold gaming screen even if you have a small monitor.


A lot of issues arise. You could say that the default interface is identical to the current one but that is very untrue. You have some random toolbar that is not helpful at all. The actual gameplay toolbar that we have now can’t be replicated. Sure, you can drag interfaces beside the inventory and skill menus but there is a big problem: you can only drag around 4-5 interfaces out of the 16 over there until you start getting some stupid arrows that you have to click if you want to access those interfaces. This is as far from user-friendly as you can get. Instead of dividing the tooltips into two rows and putting one on top of the inventory area and one in the bottom, you have to click some arrows on top of the inventory. That is as ridiculous as an inventory that has a scroll bar.

Only solution:

Dragging out the interfaces from the toolbar onto your screen to remove the ridiculous arrows. This clutters your screen. Want to remove clutter from your screen? Drag them back into the toolbar and put up with some stupid arrows that you have to click many times in a row to reach the interface you need.

The fact is that the NIS is an interface system that is extremely chaotic, nothing makes sense and reaching even the simplest interfaces is a pain in the arse unless you decide to drag them on your screen so they take up half of your viewing area. The NIS is especially hostile towards smaller laptop monitors. It is also virtually impossible to make a visually appealing and practical interface.

Why do we have to put up with this? Why don’t we have an option to keep the current interface if we want to?

Tl;dr: The NIS is not user friendly, it spams your screen, and it is a pain to reach the interfaces that you need. It is also unresponsive, some stupid windows take a few seconds to open and so on…

Just bind windows to your keyboard. I’ve done that so I have my most used windows on easy to reach keys, with other ones bound to other keys. It’s really good because you can bring up windows and get rid of them as necessary. Only the mini-map and chat boxes can’t be removed from screen.

I made a practical interface in about 10 – 15 minutes of playing around, and it looks pleasing to the eye. Whether it looks pleasing or not is purely subjective, but I think it looks great. My screen isn’t cluttered because I use key binds, and so far I don’t have any problem with the interface.