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Runescape problem on the battlefield

After this weeks update to The Battle For Lumbridge I found an annoying occurrence with drops. I have a low combat level so I like to use the Zamorakian Sentries to my advantage for farming Sacred Metal Fragments, but now that this teleporting in and out of phases has been set up, I’m losing Fragments […]

Chorm tab crashes during runescape game

After playing in the HTML5 Beta for a little bit (roughly fifteen minutes or more), I get a “He’s Dead, Jim!” screen from Google Chrome in just the Runescape Gold game’s tab. I know this signifies a crash, but what I feel it has to do with is maybe some RAM allocation issues or an […]

Bug:grand exchang

Hello, There is apparently a bug with the HTML5 version of RuneScape 3 Gold when using the Grand Exchange. What happens: When entering the game in the HTML5 engine and using the Grand Exchange, the search function for finding various items excludes a large amount of items that normally can be found in the standard […]

Why is it the new Warpriest armour has no prayer bonus

I definitely support giving Warpriest armour a prayer bonus: I was heavily disappointed when (the pieces we can get now, at least) didn’t have a prayer bonus at all. Especially when you consider just where they came from. Though I suppose giving it a prayer bonus would make this new armour utterly and completely eclipse […]

Ambient sounds causes runescape problem

I believe there is something wrong with Ambient sounds. I assume people are experiencing problems such as fps drops and choppy music and sound effects. I believe ambient sounds causes these Runescape Gold problems. The problems: – Fps drops when ambient sounds is on – choppy sound effects and music – slow performance and lag […]

Runescape has gone downhill

I’ve been playing rs for 14 years now on and off. I have never been so disappointed. Some of the graphics are terrible, the new interface is stupid and never needed to be changed in teh first place. I’ve gone through alot of other posts and have seen alot of people complaining as well but […]

Runescape allignment grid

While reading some of the more thought-out threads on the current battle between zamorak and saradomin, and remembering some conversations i had with players, i suddenly came to a conclusion. Some of you might still remember the older RPGs from before computers existed: pen-and-paper fantasy games, of which Dungeons and Dragons was (and still is) […]

Really jagex

I hate this new update.. Personally.. After 10 years of playing.. the interface sucks.. your totally turning away from the whole idea of pvp. now you gotta pick a god? the new graphics suck too.. now al-kharid instead of being a desert is like a friggin half mountain half plateu.. what happened there? and wtf […]

Runescape 3 is not ready

As of this posting, there are exactly 15 hours until launch. Right now, my camera controls are frozen and the rendering takes a very long time. Granted my machine isn’t new or as powerful as it used to be, but so many others have even worse machines. I am happy to have been a beta […]

Runescape interface disaster

Ok, so I am discussing a rather important topic here. On the 22nd Jagex will force us to use the NIS. The problem? It is extremely irritating to use for many people and hurts gameplay. Even though it might seem fine at first glance, the real usability problems will start emerging when everybody has to […]