See cheap runescape gold of the Rules of cases does not affect the operation of the game

Regulations prevent the runescape players in the game to break runescape gold the law language and the use of plug-ins, Jagex set up a 15 regulations. The players in the game screen, see cheap runescape gold of the Rules of cases does not affect the operation of the game. Any member guilty of the following regulations to Cheap runescape account, there will be a different punishment, paying members are no exception.

1. Violated the law language

To prevent swearing, personal attacks, libel or other players in the game; prevent players create text flooding affect other players.

2. Objects fraud

Prevent players deceive some novice players, cheap objects sold at high prices. But with the official entered into trading money restrictions little foul players.

3. Passwords to cheat

Prevent players from improper steal others passwords, for example: posing as officials. Therefore, RuneScape official stated on many occasions, officials will not ask players password.

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4. Dishonesty / abuse of game error

Prevent players from using the errors in the game, for the sake of their own interests. When the players find an error, should return an error in the official website.

5. Posing as officials

Prevent players posing as officials, no matter what the reason, are considered a foul. Including password defraud, asked to take the player’s personal data.

6 Share Account / Account Transactions

Cheated prevent the player’s account, or to prevent players to cheat an account, sell account. An account can only be a player to use, so as not to share with others, others steal account. All players can sell their own runescape account, so as not to affect the fairness of the game.

7. Use of illegal procedures

Prevent players using unlawful procedures affect the fairness of the game. Unlawful procedures including plug-in, automatic operating procedures, automatic typing program, the mouse repeat procedures, changes to the IP address of the program.

8 multiple logins

Any player can have more than one runescape account, but must not multiple log in to your account, and can not account transactions and account activity, including normal transaction, ground transactions and to prevent low-level players have very strong items. Unlawful procedures can not use multiple logins.

9. Contributing to others foul

Prevent players from contributing to other players foul, including assistance, require others to do the foul behavior.

10. Abuse of official customer service system

Prevent players from abusing official customer service system, abuse of official manpower. The players can not abuse the return system, the complaints system.

11. Publicity

Prevent players from propaganda to other websites, products.

12. Positive trading

Shall not carry out the real world of trading between players, so as not to affect the personal safety, have better weapons.

13. Defrauding personal information

Prevent players to cheat the other player’s personal data to protect privacy, personal security. Personal data, including home address, phone number, e-mail, except in countries.

14. Abuse of official forum

Players can not foul in the forum, including all of the above regulations, but because of the forum can only paying members to speak, so not a big problem.

15. Ban ads

The players can not be used in any way to prohibit advertising that appears on the game screen,buy runescape gold found the ad offensive content option returns advertising.Each commit time regulation will be credited 1-10 drawback depending on severity, when the player is 10 disadvantage of incurring, the account will be permanently blocked and can not again be used in runescape account.