An extreme magic potion will raise the maximum damage of magic spells in Runescape

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Drinking an extreme magic potion will raise the maximum damage of magic spells by 21% and stack with the Chaotic staff, giving a boost of 41%. Adding an Arcane Stream Necklace and Robe of Subjugation gives it a bonus of 65%. If used with a Hexcrest during a slayer task, it could even achieve a magic damage boost of 80%.

This means that using the first method above explained in Castle Wars will yield up to 538 life points against a flag wielder. Outside of Castle Wars, it would be possible to damage up to 448 life points with Miasmic Barrage while wielding Staff of Light after using an extreme magic potion, however, Miasmic Barrage requires the user to be wielding Zuriel’s staff, making this method impossible.

In a 3×3 area, and with Miasmic Barrage, Staff of Light. It would be possible to deal about 4050 life points overall, if 9 max damage are dealt. It is necessary to have 91 Herblore and 97 Magic if you want to hit this high.The highest recorded hit with magic is in the 1168. This was achieved using fire surge, coupled with a staff of light, arcane stream necklace, hexcrest/full slayer helmet and extreme magic potion and a fire cape’s effect on ice strykewyrms.

A good way to achieve this hit is by wearing armour with a great negative ranged attack bonus. This way your chance of hitting the avatar will be low, while the ruby bolt special will be unchanged. You can also leave the temple during the fight and so restart from the beginning.

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