I’ve been a BIG RuneScape player for about the past year now

I’ve been a BIG RuneScape player for about the past year now, it’s really the only thing I really ever used to think about. It’s basically in my blood. I used to talk about it to friends, but all I’d ever hear from them is “HAHA lowlife loser!” or “nolife!!!” and garbage like that. I would even hear it from past players, players I used to PLAY THE GAME WITH. I know it’s hyppocritical, and I should realize that. I would usually laugh a little, but in the back of my mind, I always thought… “Are these guys serious? Is RuneScape really that bad? Should I quit?”RS 2007 Gold.

Well, I’m gonna tell you this right now. I went to Indiana for my spring break, and I was there for the whole time (minus one day,) which was about a week. I started a new RuneScape account, after ending the life of my month-old PK Pure account… basically gave everything away on it. Runescape 2007 Gold. I made the account on April 11th, 2012. I got back home on April 8th, 2012. After my last day of rest, I went back to school on the 10th, so I made my account a day after the first day back at school. So I had the account for about a year.

Before losing my account, among that one year span, I clocked in 250m total XP and 14 99’s. The account was banned on February 11th, 2013, so I had the account worked on for exactly 10 months. I had 99’s in Attack, Prayer, RuneCrafting, Herblore, Thieving, Fletching, Cooking, Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Hunter, and Farming. I also had 98 in Strength and Constitution, 92 in Ranged and Crafting, and 80+ in every other skill. It was banned for suspected botting when I actually just heavily AFK’d skills, and sometimes stayed logged in just to farm certain crops that took a long time to walk too. Basically, every time someone brings up RuneScape Gold to me (which a lot of people do just to make fun of me,) I tell them I have a noob account so that I don’t look like a nerd, or w/e you are for playing RuneScape. If I go “Yeah 14 99’s in all these skills” or etc, you’ll look like a nerd. Well, now I’m about to explain why playing RuneScape isn’t even bad, and why you shouldn’t be considered a nerd for playing it.