How to train the Required Skills


Since Agility is a very boring skill to train, might as well quest for it, and also help yourself get QP for RFD
Tourist Trap – Use both xp on Agility – 9300 Xp
Grand Tree – 7900 Xp
This puts you at level 32
Troll Romance – 8000xp
Underground Pass – 3000xp
Fremennik Trials – 2800 xp
Recruitment Drive – 1000xp
You are now at level 38, 1.6k xp to level 39
Cold War  – 5000 xp (10 hunt, 30agil, 30 craft,34 con, 15thieve reqs)
You are now at level 39, 224 xp to level 40
Royal Trouble – 5000xp (40 agility, 40 slayer req + throne of miscellania quest req)
You are now at level 41 Agility
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Darkness of Halowvale – 7000xp (5 con, 20 min, 22 thieve, 26 agil, 32 craft, 33 mage, 40 str req, & in aid of myreque quest(gives def, beware))
This should put you at level 42 Agility
From here, you can train to level 48, or you can do One Small Favor and use the 2x 10k xp lamps on agility, and if you do so you will be level 46
You have to option to continue questing, by doing Icthlarin’s Little Helper for 4000 xp
Another is to do Cabin Fever quest(requires 47 prayer) – 7000 Agility XP
If you do all these quests, you will be level 47 Agility, with 3k to 48
You can just finish training now, I recommend the Brimhaven arena, as you get tickets to exchange for xp