Personally to me that’s a low form of PKing

Fair enough, like I said Edge PKing can be debated. Personally to me that’s a low form of PKing, but seems the majority of community enjoys. Still, a simple change in the special attack percentage, added with a few nerfs and the AGS isn’t even a problem. Doesn’t the Dark Bow hit like an 80 anyway?

It’s still a risk nonetheless, it won’t be as common as everyone think it will be.

Dark Bow hits 48-48 max, but it has far more disadvantages.
It’s incredibly slow, so you it is a really terrible choice for a primary weapon.
It’s somewhat accurate, but the AGS is far more accurate.
Special takes 65%, meaning it would be about 1.5 minutes before a second spec was available.Runescape 2007 Gold.

Since it’s a secondary weapon, it’s almost always seen coming.
Range armour has terrible melee defence, especially void which is required to hit the 48-48.

While it may be a risk, godswords became very popular in edgeville by 2008 and the risk of getting smited is quite insignificant, seasoned PK’ers are probably more worried about losing a godsword to a DC then getting smited.