Make a tempting target for PKers in Runescape

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You’ll make a tempting target for PKers – or even traitors from your own ranks – who may deliberately alert the warband to distract you while they take you down.The leader of each warband also gives a chunk of Slayer XP to those responsible for his demise.

This level 70 magic weapon is both powerful and tradeable, but there’s a catch: when you pick it up, the fact will be broadcast to everyone in the vicinity, your prayer points will be completely drained, and you’ll become attackable by everyone – regardless of their level. It’s at times like that you find out who your friends really are!
On top of that, each warband’s camp includes tents, filled with crates of ill-gotten goods related to a number of skills: Construction, Farming, Herblore, Mining and Smithing. Everyone involved can loot up to 25 of these per camp, and bringing these back to Quercus will earn you generous XP in the crates’ related skills.

You can’t teleport while carrying the crates, though, so this might be easier said than done!Finally, each time you loot a tent you have a chance to pick up the Wand of Treachery.The risks involved are great, but the rewards are greater still. Do you have the cunning and the skill to survive in RuneScape’s wildest lands?

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