I know all sorts of people rant about how runescape has become such a bad game

I know all sorts of people rant about how runescape has become such a bad game, etc.; I am here to do just that!

I started in 2001 on my main Domone1, and instantly was introduced into a world of talkative, helpful, vibrant people. I made as good of friends as you can make virtually, and never had trouble finding people to hold conversation. As years progressed I noticed something gloom, people began to get less and less friendly.

Fast forward to 2005. At this point I had amassed multiple friends, many of whom I met skilling at level 3 (yes, 3 used to be the starting level). Also by this time I had accumulated 1 mask set, multiple disks, multiple eggs, 1 pumpkin, and a Santa.. Along with around 100m gp. At this point in the game 100m was a large sum, and my rares were actually quite inexpensive at the time (all totaling around 175m).

Fast forward a few weeks, I decide to spread the wealth to some newcomers, so I drop 25m at Lumbridge spawn. From this I still maintain a few friends who thank me for jumpstarting their rs careers.Runescape 2007 Gold.

From this timespan 01-05 I can recall countless hours of training, whether it be combat, skills, or merchanting, where I would just chat with random RS community members about anything and everything. There was a real sense of community among everyone.

Fast forward 2 more years, jagex installs the ‘Grand Exchange.’ This really did it for me. Mainly this was the last straw for me because I was a merchant at heart, I mean that’s how I made my billions. But I also gave up on it because the ‘GE’ took away all need for middlemen (merchants), which took away 95% of the chat away with it. The remaining community that was left began to decay slowly into what it is today, a game without personality.

I realize, 2007scape may bring back community and personality, but lets be real, Runescape will never be able to match the golden days of 01-~07, short of re-releasing RS2 with no setback in stats.