XP bonus affects almost all the repeatable in RuneScape

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After extensive discussion with our most proficient clans, it was clear that you needed more tools and more rewards when investing precious adventuring time in your citadel. So, from this month, you’ll be able to gain access to new clan fealty capes, which will earn you more XP when contributing to your clan’s resources, granting weekly XP lamps to the truly diligent.

Don’t forget that your XP bonus affects almost all the repeatable, skill-based content in the game, is game-time-limited, and starts at a whopping 2.7x your normal XP rates! So, for example, if you’re used to getting 100 XP for fishing swordies you’ll actually gain 270xp for a single fish. While the rate will slowly go down over about 8 hours, you’ll receive a bonus for any skill-based activity you perform over the weekend. For further information on previous XP weekends, click here.

Warriors will see new, unique styles for armour sets all the way from black/white right up to dragon, and including Torva and Bandos armour. There are also new looks for the warrior, berserker and Neitiznot helms, the barbarian assault fighter’s torso and Varrock platebody.

As seen in the Troll Warzone update, each set has an individual style, but it also adds genuine variety to the various trimmed, blessed and minigame-specific gear you’ll encounter while exploring the many facets of the game. Our newest loyalty batch offers a wealth of new rewards, including tier 4 versions of existing auras, a new set of Guthix-themed winged auras and several new emotes, including one upgrade option.

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