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Exit the tomb, and head back to the bank, and take weapons, armours and food. Prayer Restore Potions are also a good idea, since there will be Shadow Spiders draining your prayer. Also, withdraw your Air, Water and Earth runes. Wear the Amulet, and remember to take the Urn with you, too. Head back to Almera’s House,where you started the quest, and take the raft from behind the house. Just as before, use the rope on the rock to get across, then with the tree. Now, go inside the Waterfall Dungeon.

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There are three different paths. First, head to the east, past the Shadow Spiders, and enter the room where there are also Skeleton Mages and Skeletons. Go to the north part of it, and search the crates to find a key. Go back to the entrance, and take the path to the west, and run past the Fire Giants – unless you want to fight them.

Go to the door in the north, and use the key you just found with it. Then, pick up the next key to use it on the next door. You will enter a room with 6 pillars.Use one Air, Water and Earth rune on each of them. Then, unequip Glarial’s Amulet, and use it on the Statue of Glarial. Then, use the Urn with the Chalice, and you will complete the quest.

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