Sizzling Summer Starts Today!

This August and September we are rewarding our RuneScape members who stay subscribed for both months with a whole host of summer goodies, including:

Over 1 million XP.
91 additional bonus spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Nine new customisation items, including a five-piece Tropical Islander outfit, a new title and a crazy crab dance emote!

Members for the entire Sizzling Summer (1st August GMT until 30th September GMT) will also be able to choose from a selection of four of the most powerful rewards ever seen in RuneScape. For more details on these exclusive items, click here.

For full details on how to get your Sizzling Summer rewards, take a look at our FAQ.

Members can now collect the first piece of their Islander outfit – the Tropical Headdress – from Solomon’s General Store for free. Claim your item early, as it will only be available for free throughout Sizzling Summer for eligible members.

Want to take part? You still can!

You have until midnight GMT to become a member to still be eligible for the promotion. Click here to become a member now.

Solomon’s Summer Selection

If this isn’t enough to get you into the swing of summer, Solomon has a smoking-hot selection of items to enhance your summer style:

A four-piece beachwear outfit.
A Kick Sand emote.
Sunglass Monocles.
A two-handed sword reskin in the shape of a beach parasol.
A Gnome Airlines Copter teleport animation.