Clan Avatar (members-only clan update)

While it’s great for clans to own and customise their own citadels, we’ve been thinking for a while that they need more presence when they are roaming around the normal game world. And boy, have the new clan avatars got presence! Built and fully customised by you and your clan, each avatar (which is almost like a clan pet) is a floating colossus of elemental forces, and can provide a series of boosts, buffs and protections to you and your clan mates. It’s probably the strongest reward to date for anyone involved with clans, and it certainly looks the part.

Each boost will need to be chosen by a clan member with the necessary permissions, and they influence combat, resource gathering and XP gain for any qualifying clan member who’s in range of the avatar. To qualify, you’ll need to collect resource items called anagogic orts, which can be obtained through citadel or surface skilling, as well as surface-world combat. The warden will also be able to kit out this odd-looking clan pet in 4 different styles for each of its 9 body slots. This means that you’ll have more reasons to hang about with your clan while adventuring on the surface world, getting rewards and looking cool while doing it.

To get going, you’ll need to build a habitat for your clan avatar. These come in basic, medium and grand varieties, which house one, two and three avatars respectively. Here are the resource requirements, in case you want to stock up early:

Basic: 3000 timber.
Medium: 30,000 timber, 30,000 precious bars.
Grand: 30,000 timber, 30,000 precious bars, 30,000 rations.