Big Chinchompas members-only Hunter update

Nyriki the gnome is a famous hunter, whose life quest is to hunt down the biggest and rarest chinchompas in the land. Unbeknown to the rest of Gielinor, these timid behemoths have been bouncing around for years, but only Nyriki knows the secret of how to catch them.

Fortunately for all of us, the biggest ‘chompas in the world have now been localised to one small area, which is the last surviving habitat of the giant chinchompas’ favourite food: soporif moths. Catching these beasts is often a team effort, though, so Nyriki will be inviting the keen hunters among us to help him put this almighty foe to sleep. How? By feeding it a bucket-load of mothy goodness, of course!

Rewards while playing this twice-daily D&D include generous Hunter XP while playing the game, and the ability to earn special reward points to spend on your own private hunting spots. If that’s not exciting enough, you can always spend them on useful resources, secondary ingredients or more XP instead.

Sizzling Summer

Keep looking out for more exciting updates this month to the Squeal of Fortune and Solomon’s Store as we release more sizzling summer items to the game. Also, if you’re hungry for more information, don’t forget about our Behind the Scenes videos throughout the month for more pre-release info about the updates listed above.