Combat Beta Event: Castle Wars



The ever-changing Evolution of Combat beta is getting closer and closer to release and we have another great combat-focused weekend event! This weekend jump into a game of Castle Wars and, win or lose, you’ll earn one of four unlocks towards receiving the limited-edition Mad Scientist beta tester outfit!

This week, Behind the Scenes went in search of some tips on how you can get the most out of your Bonus XP Weekend! We got a host of JMods to bring you their top tips in their own unique way! If that wasn’t enough, we also caught up with Mod Mark – Lead Designer – who explained what was different this time round, and how this affects both members and free players.

To be eligible for the unlock, you must complete a game of Castle Wars on the beta server this weekend – no leaving early!

There has been a whole host of graphical and gameplay changes implemented into the beta since it first launched so it’s definitely worth checking out and getting involved with!

This is the final beta outfit unlock weekend but we’ll have more exciting Evolution of Combat news for you in the near future!