Pwn More Nubz With Detailed PvP Builds!

Recommended Strategy

Firstly you want to take out any Oil that is positioned above since this is something many people often forget, than later regret (it rhymes!). Once there is no threat of burning liquids pouring on you from above, secure the entrance to ensure that no one can get into the keep to bring supplies to construct more weaponry. At that point, fire away at the gate with your ram followed by fellow team member’s attacks’. If that fails and you are still intent on taking the point, plop down a trebuchet some distance away and keep constant pressure on the gate until it is broken down. You don’t always have to use Siege weapons but it is highly recommended because they deal a much larger amount of damage against gates in comparison to a single player (obviously, as they are bigger, and definitely more BAMF). If you have the time to sit there with a small group of people and keep chopping away at that gate, be my guest.


When approaching this monster of a structure, be prepared for anything. Without a doubt, Keeps are where the most action occurs. Since these capture points are so large, large scale parties are needed to bash their way inside. To take these locations you will need a lot of people, siege weapons and hopefully a general idea or plan that everyone knows.

A Keep consists of an outer wall that has many spots in which you can place a siege weapon and then an inner wall before you reach the Keep Champion. Luckily for players, there are multiple entrances into the keep so numerous tactics, and strategies can be applied.

Recommended Strategy

So generally when starting an assault on a Keep, a good player will know that they must have control over all resource camps around so that starvation takes its toll. Siege weapons are what often interrupt you breaking that gate, and for that machine to be made there must be supplies. In simpler times, denying the foes access to supplies is extremely crucial for the capture of the keep. Again, for people who want to take Keeps, make sure you have a heavy arsenal under your sleeve unless you plan on sleeping for some time.