Aion 4.0 will be Launched on Dec.20th

NCsoft has just held a press conference to officially confirm that the launch date and one more new class for Aion 4.0. The exciting moment finally comes, the 4.0 update will arrive in Aion on 20th December 2012, which is later this month! In the previous news we get to know the two new class “gunslinger” and “bard”, and the new region in Aion 4.0.

NCsoft also released the artwork of the 3rd mysterious new class, though it’s not officially launched to Aion fans, the class name is translated as “Armored Castle”. Together with tons of new dungeons, maps and classes, the Free-to-Play option will be extended to level 45 (max level cap increased to 65). Guess these new stuff will add some excitement to Aion.