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FFXIV & Eorzea World: A Realm Reborn The Best Parts

Thanks to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, let’s explore the world of Eorzea with friends, including board an airship with your friends and create your own unique stories, forge friendships, mount up on a chocobo and so on. Each gamers have their own unique abilities and equipment that they have obtained during their adventures.


At the same time, A Realm Reborn is a remark/relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV, it’s just like a MMO with mechanics, set in the Final Fantasy XIV universe, nonetheless, it has been completely rebuilt from scratch. At the Sony E3 2013 event, in addition to the previously announced PC version the game, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn was also announced for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3.

Speaking of A Realm Reborn the best parts, classes system, there are 4 different ones that branch off into the various classes. Disciples of War are your physical damage classes while Disciples of Magic sling spells to damage foes or heal allies. There are two more disciplines, Disciples of the Hand and Disciples of the Land but they cover crafting and will be discussed further down the page.

You can choose your race, pick your classes and then play the rest of the game with those choices. ARR is distinct in that you can be allowed to switch your classes and allows players to more easily multi-class and have characters that can fill different roles without having to have 4 or 5 separate characters.

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The Annual Jester’s Festival Is Coming To The Elder Scrolls Online

The annual Jester’s Festival is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online! During the festival, players can receive a uniquely mischievous task once per day after talking to each Jester. The Jester’s Festival kicks off on Thursday, March 23, at 10:00am EDT and concludes on Tuesday, April 4, at 10am EDT.

Each year, to celebrate absurdity, troupes of jesters and fools gather and encourage the people of Tamriel to toss aside their notions of status, honor, and class. It’s very common that the performers roam the streets mocking the rich and famous, towns celebrate with a variety of traditional festive pranks, and guests are encouraged to participate in silly games to win joke prizes.


Throughout the duration of the event, you can decorate yourself with Festival-themed items and show off your zany side to the pavilions that have been set up just outside the cities of Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard, and Daggerfall. At each location, you will find one of three Jesters in extremely convincing dress up as either King Jorunn, Queen Ayrenn, or King Emeric.

Once completing a daily task for one of the Jesters, a Jester’s Festival Box is avaiable for players to get. Here’re some seriously silly rewards included in this special box:

  • A new hat – The Crown of Misrule
  • A host of fun new consumables
  • Unique Jester’s Festival mementos: Cherry Blossom Branch and the Pie of Misrule which grant a two-hour buff to XP gains during the Jester’s Festival period
  • New Jester’s Festival Housing items: Jester’s Large and Small Trees and Jester’s Standard

Except the Achievement that grants the completely legitimate title of Royal Jester, players can also earn other new Achievements. Moreover, some Jester’s Festival-themed items will be added to the Crown Store:

  • Royal Court Jester costume
  • Bi-Color Coxcomb Cap
  • Fool’s Cap and Masque
  • Ass-Ears Jester Cap
  • The Jester personality

Would you like to take participate in the foolishness of the Jester’s Festival? By the way, what caught your attention in the event?

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Enjoy Shopping NBA 2K18 MT At U4NBA

NBA 2K18 was created by 2K Sports. It is the most well known basketball video game in the history and one of the most successful premier sports game. NBA 2K gamers assume the roles of NBA player as they play against their opponents across a vast world. Due to NBA 2K18 MT is important, to fully enjoy the in-game content, players are recommended to get NBA 2K18 MT from a list of trustable NBA 2K MT sellers at u4nba.com.


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Where To Buy NBA 2K18 MT Safe And Cheap

At present, more and more game gold stores appeared on our sight. When NBA 2K players tired of farming NBA 2K18 MT and want to buy NBA 2K18 MT in the store, the problem is suddenly aroused. Which is the best site to buy NBA 2K18 MT with cheap price, safe and fast delivery?


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Global Video Game Sales to Reach $91B in 2016

Electronic Arts (EA), Activision Blizzard (ATVI) along with video the programmers were on a slow start this holiday shopping season, but new information from SuperData Research shows global interactive entertainment revenue is forecasted to arrive at $91 billion in 2016.
Mobile Games Drive Growth

According to SuperData, mobile games are driving the rise in the game market while virtual truth is still struggling to find its place from the market. The $91 billion projection includes sales of mobile games, console games, game content and ones played on laptops. It also includes sales from virtual reality and eSports. (See also: EA Bulks Up Sports Brand With NBA LIVE Mobile Coins.)

SuperData is projecting mobile games to be the cause of $40.6 billion in the sales in 2016, driven by incredibly popular games including Pokémon Go and Clash of Clans. But while mobile games are leading industry, it really is getting more expensive to lure customers to your growing quantity of game choices, putting more pressure on game makers within the new year. “The mobile games market has begun to mature and from now on more closely resembles traditional games publishing, requiring ever higher production values and marketing spend,” SuperData said, based on a CNBC report.

On the PC gaming front, SuperData is projecting sales comes into play at $35.8 billion, with roughly half with the revenue from games that don’t charge an upfront payment but feature in-game purchases of products. As for eSports, SuperData is forecasting sales to attain $892.4 million.
Digital Game Sales Increased in November

Looking seem to results to the month of November, including the Black Friday holiday shopping weekend, SuperData reported total sales from digital games increased 13% from $6.7 billion inside year-ago period. Demand was driven by downloads of games including Activision’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Electronic Art’s Battlefield 1.

As for virtual reality, which most the programmers and industry watchers are enthusiastic about, consumers aren’t yet embracing it wholeheartedly. SuperData is forecasting sales of virtual reality into the future in at $2.7 billion for that year, using the lack of demand being driven partly by the inability for the administrators to come out which has a killer game or content with the market.

While Activison and EA are seeing need for their latest titles, questions abound regarding how they will fare this christmas season. With a few more days until Christmas, data needs to be trickling in soon, putting questions regarding sales throughout the all-important holidays to rest.

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NBA 2K17: The Fastest Selling Sports Video Game And VC


NBA 2K17 is another solid game in the 2K franchise. It is the best and most realistic sports game to date. The smoothness of the game and the way it plays with the motions makes it the greatest sports game of all time. The 2K franchise has delivered another gem once again. The latest game in their NBA series, NBA 2K17 is the most authentic sports video games we have seen.

After the marginal disappointment of NBA 2K16 visuals, 2K decided to make a few more necessary adjustments this time around, returning with improved player models and venues. The end result is one of the most photo-realistic games we’ve ever played, with superstars such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry each looking uncannily similar to their real-life counterparts.


The Value Of NBA 2K17 Game Currency

As NBA 2K17 is the fastest selling sports video game worldwide, the value of its in-game currency has grown in popularity. Virtual Currency which also be called VC is a big deal, as are MyTeam Points. The former can be used to upgrade your MyPlayer which increases your chance for success in the MyCareer, MyGM, MyTeam, MyPark and Pro-Am modes.

The in-game currency MT is available at the professional online gaming house. Gamers can buy NBA 2K17 MT from the online store to arrange the necessary things to personalize the players and teams.

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NBA 2K17 & Park After Dark: The Addition Of MyPark And Snoop Dogg Details

In september, NBA 2K17 already was launched, someone talk about MyPark mode being redone in some form or fashion. Notably, by noted by 2K, something also was mentioned such as called Park After Dark, in order to elevate MyPark, which is a good way rather than just playing a regular game of basketball on a blacktop. NBA 2K17 is already released,many players might be seek for various ways to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.


This week, 2K finally announced the long-awaited news about Park After Dark and it is very interesting indeed. 2K will create a party atmosphere inside MyPark where neon lights will be flashing and music will be blaring as players participate in their normal MyPark games.

Added in the mode will be different mini-games such as exclusive Park After Dark 3-point Shoot-Outs and Dunk Show-off challenges. The best thing to come out of the announcement of Park After Dark is the first special DJ that will spinning in the Park.

“As the world’s greatest NBA 2K17 player, it’s only right that I get to Snoopify the Park After Dark,” said Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg in a press release for NBA 2K Park After Dark. Snoop was also recently scanned into NBA 2K17 for the appearance. “I’m going to set off the park with a SNOOPADELIC set that’s going to have house parties around the globe JUMPING OFF.” Somehow, players always pay much attention to NBA 2K17 MT.

“Music is such a big part of the NBA 2K franchise and greater basketball culture, so taking such an innovative approach demonstrates our commitment to evolving the game into a destination for more than just hoops,” said Alfie Brody, VP of Marketing for NBA 2K. “Park After Dark is something we hope further connects our community and elevates their NBA 2K17 experience.”

After Snoop Dogg, DJ Premier will take over DJ duties regularly with guest DJs popping in from time to time. The first MyPark Park After Dark with Snoop begins Nov. 27 at 9 pm EST. The idea of Park After Dark is amazing as adding a club element at a time when most players are online paying MyPark is genius.

Since it brings a different feel to the mode, on top of that, we have come to know like MyCareer or MyGm, makes it a go-to place when you need a break from the more mundane modes. For NBA 2K franchise, without any major issues with its NBA 2K17, that’s probably why it may be the best sports game in the business today. For more NBA 2K17 latest news and update, you can go to our official site: https://www.u4nba.com.

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NBA 2K17 & Erik Lamela: NBA 2K17 Against West Ham

Speaking of the Tottenham Hotspur star Erik Lamela, On the pitch, known for his flair, he can be successfully transferred his skills perfectly to the virtual basketball world. at a game of NBA 2K17, To Make sure that a 47-36 victory over West Ham defender Diafra Sakho. For a portion of the opening game of the second round of the NBA 2K17 celebrity Gaming Tournament.


Playing as the San Antonio Spurs, the talented Argentinian international faced a tough opponent, with Sakho’s Cleveland Cavaliers able to keep the score level until the third quarter of the game.

But Sakho, who scored the opening goal in the Premier League clash against Manchester United on Sunday, was then outclassed in the final quarter and was never able to strike back, losing to Lamela by 11 points. The Argentinian will now face off against the winner between England rugby star Anthony Watson and British rapper Krept, from the duo Krept and Konan, in the semi-finals of the tournament.

After his victory, according to Lamela, he said: It was a very good game. I won, so I’m happy, but my opponent played really well.” At the same time, Sakho took the loss well and said: “I now have to support Lamela in this tournament. since he beat me. On Friday, The 16-person tournament will continue, which is with the all-Arsenal game between teammates Hector Bellerin as well as Carl Jenkinson.

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Downsizing is normal “Revelation Online” hell Longyuan lava gatekeeper Raiders

The proposed combat power in the 33-34 million between the team can try.

Configuration: 2 temples, a light edge, 2 Delicate, 2 Yuxu, 2 inflammation days, a streamer.

First of all, the gatekeeper this picture, in fact, the development team has done very intimate. The entire map up and down about four locations have a small magma cave. Adjacent distance is almost exactly the distance between the three BOSS. Of course, this hole is not to stand up, and will be hurt every second.

Secondly, we say the next station allocation, the distance between the three BOSS 30 meters away from the outside respectively. Including Blackstone BOSS after the death of the mobs, they must also be brought to 30 meters away from the kill. BOSS will be too close from the invincible, and enhance a lot of damage. So the distance problem is the most important. Nurse standing in the middle of the prominent rocks, Blackstone T at 2 points, steel T at 1 point, the first set of remote DPS Blackstone BOSS output.

Kill order: 1 Blackstone gatekeepers -2 steel gatekeepers -3 lava gatekeepers

Blackstone gatekeepers

The BOSS damage is relatively low, recommended light edge T.. BOSS has two skills:

1: Fire Heart (15 seconds CD)

BOSS will read the article for their return to a certain amount of blood.

Coping method: the light edge should be cut to life and cut down the CD are all points out, so that each time the BOSS will be cut when the magic of its broken.

2: Death Call

BOSS will be dead after it calls out the body as the center of the number of more than 10 mobs.

Coping method: all output occupations in BOSS20% blood when leaving unparalleled, Xiaoguai after the emergence of DPS set open fire out.

Special problems: 1. Often said that Xiaoguai run around, where the light edge T need to pay attention to is that after the emergence of mobs should be the first time to build up hatred. Pinch a scattered flashy, kick down the circle, the rest to the DPS like. Less than a last resort, the blood spilled or pinching do not have to be good, otherwise with the blood spilled, hatred moment on the confusion.

2.DPS in the finished output after the existence of two to three missing mobs, and mobs hatred is not T body. This time the DPS need to pay attention to all the people rely on the light edge around, so that mobs and the remaining BOSS to maintain the appropriate distance.

3. Life insurance. Here summoned mobs damage surprisingly high, especially the fire-breathing, the output of the basic two-second. So the presence of the output according to the situation to determine, feel wrong or give priority to life as well.

Steel gatekeeper

The BOSS damage is relatively high, recommended Holy T. BOSS has two skills:

1: Flame cycle cut

BOSS waving ax 360 ° turn around, ax with a flame effect on the melee range of members of a large number of injuries.

Coping methods: This skill damage slightly higher, but the temples can be hard to eat.

2: Ragefire with burst

BOSS with a large ax 360 ° turn after the fire to pound the ground, to the progressive way of linear flame damage to personnel and repel.

Coping methods: personnel attention good station, can be hard to eat.

Special problems: nanny station to pay special attention to, lava BOSS has a very large range of skills, very close to the middle of the rock, not to the back of the fire rain place to prevent the release of iron and steel into the fire after the fight back into the rain.

In the black stone gatekeeper and steel gatekeeper died, in addition to T lava BOSS church, all the other staff the first time to the middle of the protrusions of the rocks on the lava output.

Lava Gatekeepers

The BOSS recommended Holy T BOSS has three skills:

1: wall of the flame

After a short Xu Li, BOSS will contain the power of the flame of the fist pound the ground, as the full-screen players into harm to the ground.

Coping method: T lava BOSS people should promptly remind people to jump up in the voice. Reminded about the opportunity to raise their fists in the BOSS and fist braved the flame after 1 second.

2: Hellfire burst rain (opening about 30 seconds to release, for about 1 minute)

BOSS body braved the flame with a big ax to the air to the air, the current station as the center, cast a radius of about 25 meters of the rain circle. Damage: high

Coping method: the first time away from the main T (BOSS standing fire rain will stack damage), and BOSS to another unmanned point.

3: lava fire (name can be dispersed)

BOSS will flame seeds were randomly thrown to the presence of four or less personnel, to disperse or 10 seconds after the outbreak of the lava (DOT will be higher per second, higher damage), spike personnel with fire and transmitted to other people within 20 meters around. Two ways to view: 1. The named person will have a 10-digit orange countdown on his head. 2. The name of the team interface is named on the right there will be a small flame icon.

Response: named members quickly leave the crowd, away from other personnel in 20M away to disperse DEBUFF state or wait for death (a soul stone can be renewed). (See below)

Special Issue: Our fixed team took a wait after death. Because the staff of the response varies, and often run in the same direction. Perhaps there are Yuxu after being named in response to the flash quickly out of the refrigerator, since that is prepared to come back after the output safety, the results encountered a slow response to the half-shot from the side of the passing. Then Yu virtual again with DEBUFF back to the crowd. . . Then there is no then, back to the big world. So in the practice of N times, our team does not require where to run, as long as you die in the 20M place is not transmitted to other personnel like.


1. For the name of the prevention methods are many, such as Yuxu pay two seconds ahead of the refrigerator, Xuebao Xuebao can be. Individuals do not advocate doing so in unfamiliar situations.

2. The BOSS nurse should be able to remove the talent to remove the Green Man, so that after the death of iron and steel and Blackstone, the group will not spread the name brush out. Of course nanny can also be directly to the green man from the bar throw skills.

Tip: Lava Gatekeepers BOSS attrition is a very normal situation, even in the case of only 1 team or 3 individuals, should try to stick to it, perhaps squeeze the last point of that output on the past.

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NBA 2K17 Tricks: Creating Any NBA Stars For MyPark As Well As MyCareer


Here are related NBA 2K17 guide, aiming to guide you how to recreate any NBA player in NBA 2K17, of course, you can look at his badges, or crossover, as well as any other attributem, if you want, why not to recreate his jump shot, regarding how to do, we will offer you a step-by-step guide. Players can make use of cheap NBA 2K17 MT to experience gameplay.


First of all, go to your Options/ Features in the menu. Go into Roster and then select “Create Roster”. Once there, simply press “Official 2k Sports Roster”. After that, it will show you every NBA team that is in the present roster. Here you have all the players which you can edit for your liking and get new jump shots as well.

Features like these is one of the reasons that players enjoy NBA 2k17 more than NBA 2k16. The previous NBA 2k16 MyCareer by Spike Lee was awesome. Even if it suffers from being very cliche and predictable. A lot of people hate how grindy and pointless mycareer got after that. But this year, MyCareer seems to be alive and have much more to do and much more to see. The cutscenes make the players feel human instead of Just AI. by buying cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC, players will have a unforgetted gaming experience.

NBA 2K17 is a basketball simulation video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It is the 18th installment in the NBA 2K franchise and the successor to NBA 2K16. One of the touted improvements is concerning the game’s returning MyGM and MyLeague game modes.

According to both modes, player can act as the ruling force of all basketball operations for a specific team, what’s more, it also can allow player to customize many aspects of the team. MyGM is greatly focused on maintaining a realistic, impressing the owner as well as functioning team, hence, far more customization options will be offered by MyLeague, more NBA 2K17 related guide and tips & tricks, stay tuned to U4NBA.COM.

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